Thursday, February 01, 2007


Maybe my purpose is to be a guide. To lead you on an adventure to a new perspective on life. And if you need me as a guide, you are a sad, sad person. But with that being said....

If you want to learn to swim; get in the water. You have to take that first step, you have to get your shoes on; you have to be motivated. You are not going to do anything by sitting and contemplating. You have to plot a course and take the first steps; the rest will come naturally.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Passionate Living

To fully live the passion in our lives we should be constantly teetering on the brink of insanity. Pressing the edges of the envelope of life and experience if we are to enjoy anything new. We should be always on the brink of insanity without going over; almost delusional in our desire to pursue and enhance our passions. To our own vision we are utterly sane but driven to continue our pursuit. To those in the middle, we are mad, crazy, maniacal and obsessively compulsive. There seems to be no reason to our desires.

Down the Stream

Our life and our passion is a journey down that stream. There is no goal; we obtain and/or create all that we can accomplish before we die. At times we are rushing over the waterfall; such exhilaration, completely alive (and glad to be). Then we are porting the dry areas with all of our gear in our pack and our canoe on our shoulders; trudging over the rocks, sweat pouring, back aching, not enough food, water or rest. Then we are the beavers, building dams to stem the flow and creating pools of stillness, abundance and beauty. Where we may rest, grow and ponder until we again become restless and break the dams to enjoy the rush of once again riding the rapids.

Stream of Living

Life is like a stream. Depending on where you on The Stream it maybe deep and wondrous, or shallow and sparse; slow moving and meandering or rapidly cascading over rocks and falls and passing thru deep gorges. We can view it as a swimmer trapped in its currents; forbidding and scary, an accident or fatality waiting on us to make a mistake. Or we can view it as a kayaker; a wonderful playground where we can paddle the rapids, spin in the eddies and jump the waterfalls. An exhilarating rush where we test our mettle against all that it can throw at us. It is all in our perspective.