Wednesday, July 30, 2008


What do I mean when I say that I have no sense of self?

Everything is a subconscious reaction; just like a finely tuned, well honed athlete. There is no conscious thought or effort involved.

All conscious thoughts that are worthy of acceptance are already assimilated into the subconscious. We filter the thoughts as they come to us.

There are no fears, doubts, judgments, biases, agenda’s, or anticipatory thoughts.

Our consciousness is able to take a “back seat” to subconscious thought. With every interaction we use the core essence of our subconscious “purity of thought” to form a meaningful phrase, thought, re-action or interchange with a 3rd party.

Our subconsciousness holds the purity of our inner being. It is up to our consciousness to mold our subconsciousness into a positive essence.

It is the sole job of our consciousness to fine tune and mold the accumulation of our subconscious knowledge. It always looks inward and works on the subconsciousness just like a gifted mechanic fine tunes the running of an engine. It is the job of the subconscious to directly interact with our outward environment.

We mold the subconsciousness through prayer, meditation, self-talk and focused introspection.

Once our subconsciousness is purified we can freely allow the vocalizations of our core being to speak through the accumulation of subconscious thoughts so that we may have as “pure as possible” an interchange with another human, as close to “soul to soul” interaction as can be possible within human existence.

Once we lose our sense of self, our soul is able to freely interact with the world around us without fear, guilt or hesitation.

At this point we will be able to make subconscious decisions, such as trusting our gut instinct; and we won’t have to be conscious of the reason why.

Then there is no “Hindsight” or self doubt. Mistakes can and will be made, but only from the purest of motives. We then assimilate what we have learned into our unconsciousness and begin the process anew.

Our soul is ever growing and evolving.

A little about me.

Mission Statement:

To create an atmosphere that allows the willing to examine the nature of their being and to form a stronger foundation on which they stand.


I enlighten and entertain, through a unique perception of reality, in such a way that allows the willing to expand the boundaries of their conscious thought.

There is no meaning outside of what we seek and what we expect to find.

Motto Ancillary:

When you look for something, the most important thing is knowing how to find it!


I am.

Tag Line:

I mean your planet no harm.

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Basically we are the accumulation of all that we have experienced up to now. All the basic frameworks are in our subconscious and our learned reasoning to act on the frameworks is in the conscious. However we also carry a lot of baggage stored in our mind. Fears (failure, embarrassment, flying etc), ego (which has fear and bullheadedness as a part), self doubt (lack of belief or faith) etc that normally pervade our decision making process. We should strive to balance our holy trinity of conscious, subconscious and body in a balance (just like our passions). When we breakdown the negative self talk, build up our positive image/self talk and have our body pure and burning clean we can achieve perfection.

By eliminating all fears, self doubts, politics, emotions, worries and preconceptions we can fully engage our conscious and unconscious selves in a state of perfection for that given moment. By our natures we can't achieve anything greater than the totality of all our experiences will let us. However in perfect harmony we can react in the moment with a perfection of our cumulative ability.

We must also remember that when we view another person or any experience, we view it from within the framework of all we know (think we know, or have accumulated). We have to make a conscious effort to remove our predilections and experience the moment without a sense of self. This means that the only way we can grow is thru interaction. And the only way we can truly experience a person, thing, sensation or situation is by removing our ego and striving to empathize with the experience autonomous from ourselves.


Looking back on my early formative life, running around with my close friends from High School (Tony, Bhert, Sal, Hole, Belar and Frog) what defined us was that we really enjoyed life and were a fun and diversionary group. We also took nothing for granted. We went out of our way to find new ways to look at everything. We challenged the ordinary. But never with meanness or hatefulness. A process of challenging everything and taking nothing for granted. Look at everything from a fresh perspective.

A sense of Community

What is community? What is disassociating us from the rest of the world? Previously community was people in close proximity to us, usually a homogenous blend of folks that you had in villages, tribes, small towns, cities or neighborhoods. People that tended to associate closely with each other because their beliefs and ideals were closely aligned with each other. They all shared a lot in common and there was a protectiveness about the community. This means, at least overtly, that everyone tended to think, feel and act alike. Just like in Fraternities, Sororities, Elks Clubs, Masons etc.

You tend to group together with people that offer some sense of security and that think so much like you. But the problem is that you are not truly allowed to think outside the boundaries; to expand parts of your intellect or psyche that is looking for something else. You will not be allowed to do it within the context of the community if it is seen as abnormal by a majority of the group.

Today we can view our community as the world via the internet. Reaching out and touching and building bonds via cyberspace. But there is no personal interaction; no hugging, no touching, no physical contact. No feeling or sense of close community by sitting next to or seeing individuals on a daily basis. No looking people in the eye, reading the body language, reading the face, understanding the truth of the personal connectivity that is going on in that moment. And this leaves us cyber-isolated.

Those w/in close proximity may not provide the psychological stimulation that we need; they may actually hold us back from what we want to do. We have a dichotomy between the people close to us that we feel frustrations with and the people cyber-separated that we cannot see and feel. The people close to us may not be comfortable with some of the personal areas that we are exploring and those cyber connected that share our same desires for growth may be so far away that we could never physically visit them.

The next phase of what we would view as community would need people in close proximity that share close personal connections and gives us our feelings of humanity and need for human contact and allows us to explore (cyber-wise) our desires for personal growth and expansion on the web with people that will never be able to give us the personal touch.

Faith - Short Version

Faith is a myopic rage. It is single-mindedness of purpose; a disbelief of reality. And rage at what doesn’t exist; with maniacal concentration on shaping reality to fit our point of view. Faith takes no prisoners.

We are our Art!

We are each the artist that paints our soul. At birth we are an unpainted canvas, or a lump of clay waiting to be shaped and molded. In our early years, prior to the age of accountability, the point where we become conscious creatures taking full responsibility for the course of our lives, the basic foundation for the work of art we are to become is shaped by our parents, friends, family, school and others. Once we become conscious we still have a decision to make. We can relinquish our responsibility and allow our being to be crafted at the hands of every interaction we experience, allowing existence to define who we are and will become. Or we can grab the brush and paint the picture we envision in our dreams. A picture only we can fully experience or enjoy and that others will have to appreciate through us. Yet still a picture that can blind the eyes of the unconscious masses, those who have allowed their being to be dictated to them; simply by catching glimpses of the wondrous beauty that is expressed by a picture painted at the hands of an individual, unique in its expression of a life crafted like no other. A picture of our soul. We are each given an opportunity; a responsibility. A life and a mind; the palette on which we paint. It is never too late to hold the brush.


Our consciousness exists merely to craft and fine tune the workings, and totality of our unconscious mind and thoughts. When we use our conscious mind to interact with the world (i.e. people, things and experiences) we are clouded with fear, uncertainty and doubt based on our perception of reality or of what we feel others may think of us. Our unconscious mind is the collection of our self perceptions, biases and accumulation of knowledge. Once we have rid our unconsciousness of fear, uncertainty and doubt, we can interact with the world with no sense of self, where we are acting from the purest expression of our essence; our souls. We exist in the moment without any expression of fear, uncertainty or doubt. We are the keepers of our own souls.


Absolute perfection, from a universal POV, is complicated. I don’t believe in Plato’s archetypes. I started to write that we can be perfect at every moment of our life by being and doing the absolute best in that moment, given the accumulation of our life, thoughts and deeds up to that point. But this seems to imply that we all strive for a measure of perfection that is still reconciled against the totality of purity of all human thought, deeds and emotions. It implies worth; that our life has no meaning outside of a comparison to the norm. It also implies a value assigned to the worthiness of our efforts. IOW, my life is more perfect than yours based on a value of 1 to 100 and ranked according to the data provided from a “sum of all lives”. You could also say that we are all perfect at any moment simply because we are where we are at any instant. We are the perfection of what we have become. But this negates any definition of bad, good or perfect perfection. There is no worth and no way to assign a value. I want to add consciousness to the equation, but is an animal not perfect in what it does? Are only the most agile and nimble hunters considered perfect? Is wile and dexterity the mark of perfection that an animal is measured against? And what about us? Is it consciousness that gives us the ability to strive for or be perfect? Or should we be judged only on the basis of our animalistic instincts? And would that imply wile and dexterity or ruthlessness and cunning? Does our consciousness separate us from the animals? Is it our soul? Does our soul or consciousness reside apart from our physical mind? Our consciousness is an amorphous shell that is created from the inter-working of our brains chemicals, synapses and neurons. It ceases to have meaning when our brain ceases to have life. So, where is the soul? But I have thoroughly digressed, this was to be an essay on perfection; but sometimes the minds ability to think, question and understand gets in the way. I thought I had a concept of perfection until I started to type. I think I may still do, but it has more to do with taking consciousness out of the equation by a conscious effort to negate ourselves. At least the selves we have created as a shield to help us grind through daily life. But it is our consciousness that helps to shape and define our unconsciousness. Without the ability, responsibility or fortitude to shape our unconscious thought we can never call our unconsciousness perfection; random would be a better word. But this conjures up thousands of more thoughts and I am out of time. Thoughts such as, consciousness vs. the soul and using consciousness as a tool to free our subconscious (soul?) to interact perfectly with the world. But isn’t subconsciousness also a creation of our physical mind? Or is it a connecting point? And then, with what?