Wednesday, July 30, 2008


What do I mean when I say that I have no sense of self?

Everything is a subconscious reaction; just like a finely tuned, well honed athlete. There is no conscious thought or effort involved.

All conscious thoughts that are worthy of acceptance are already assimilated into the subconscious. We filter the thoughts as they come to us.

There are no fears, doubts, judgments, biases, agenda’s, or anticipatory thoughts.

Our consciousness is able to take a “back seat” to subconscious thought. With every interaction we use the core essence of our subconscious “purity of thought” to form a meaningful phrase, thought, re-action or interchange with a 3rd party.

Our subconsciousness holds the purity of our inner being. It is up to our consciousness to mold our subconsciousness into a positive essence.

It is the sole job of our consciousness to fine tune and mold the accumulation of our subconscious knowledge. It always looks inward and works on the subconsciousness just like a gifted mechanic fine tunes the running of an engine. It is the job of the subconscious to directly interact with our outward environment.

We mold the subconsciousness through prayer, meditation, self-talk and focused introspection.

Once our subconsciousness is purified we can freely allow the vocalizations of our core being to speak through the accumulation of subconscious thoughts so that we may have as “pure as possible” an interchange with another human, as close to “soul to soul” interaction as can be possible within human existence.

Once we lose our sense of self, our soul is able to freely interact with the world around us without fear, guilt or hesitation.

At this point we will be able to make subconscious decisions, such as trusting our gut instinct; and we won’t have to be conscious of the reason why.

Then there is no “Hindsight” or self doubt. Mistakes can and will be made, but only from the purest of motives. We then assimilate what we have learned into our unconsciousness and begin the process anew.

Our soul is ever growing and evolving.

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