Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Basically we are the accumulation of all that we have experienced up to now. All the basic frameworks are in our subconscious and our learned reasoning to act on the frameworks is in the conscious. However we also carry a lot of baggage stored in our mind. Fears (failure, embarrassment, flying etc), ego (which has fear and bullheadedness as a part), self doubt (lack of belief or faith) etc that normally pervade our decision making process. We should strive to balance our holy trinity of conscious, subconscious and body in a balance (just like our passions). When we breakdown the negative self talk, build up our positive image/self talk and have our body pure and burning clean we can achieve perfection.

By eliminating all fears, self doubts, politics, emotions, worries and preconceptions we can fully engage our conscious and unconscious selves in a state of perfection for that given moment. By our natures we can't achieve anything greater than the totality of all our experiences will let us. However in perfect harmony we can react in the moment with a perfection of our cumulative ability.

We must also remember that when we view another person or any experience, we view it from within the framework of all we know (think we know, or have accumulated). We have to make a conscious effort to remove our predilections and experience the moment without a sense of self. This means that the only way we can grow is thru interaction. And the only way we can truly experience a person, thing, sensation or situation is by removing our ego and striving to empathize with the experience autonomous from ourselves.

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