Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We are our Art!

We are each the artist that paints our soul. At birth we are an unpainted canvas, or a lump of clay waiting to be shaped and molded. In our early years, prior to the age of accountability, the point where we become conscious creatures taking full responsibility for the course of our lives, the basic foundation for the work of art we are to become is shaped by our parents, friends, family, school and others. Once we become conscious we still have a decision to make. We can relinquish our responsibility and allow our being to be crafted at the hands of every interaction we experience, allowing existence to define who we are and will become. Or we can grab the brush and paint the picture we envision in our dreams. A picture only we can fully experience or enjoy and that others will have to appreciate through us. Yet still a picture that can blind the eyes of the unconscious masses, those who have allowed their being to be dictated to them; simply by catching glimpses of the wondrous beauty that is expressed by a picture painted at the hands of an individual, unique in its expression of a life crafted like no other. A picture of our soul. We are each given an opportunity; a responsibility. A life and a mind; the palette on which we paint. It is never too late to hold the brush.

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