Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Absolute perfection, from a universal POV, is complicated. I don’t believe in Plato’s archetypes. I started to write that we can be perfect at every moment of our life by being and doing the absolute best in that moment, given the accumulation of our life, thoughts and deeds up to that point. But this seems to imply that we all strive for a measure of perfection that is still reconciled against the totality of purity of all human thought, deeds and emotions. It implies worth; that our life has no meaning outside of a comparison to the norm. It also implies a value assigned to the worthiness of our efforts. IOW, my life is more perfect than yours based on a value of 1 to 100 and ranked according to the data provided from a “sum of all lives”. You could also say that we are all perfect at any moment simply because we are where we are at any instant. We are the perfection of what we have become. But this negates any definition of bad, good or perfect perfection. There is no worth and no way to assign a value. I want to add consciousness to the equation, but is an animal not perfect in what it does? Are only the most agile and nimble hunters considered perfect? Is wile and dexterity the mark of perfection that an animal is measured against? And what about us? Is it consciousness that gives us the ability to strive for or be perfect? Or should we be judged only on the basis of our animalistic instincts? And would that imply wile and dexterity or ruthlessness and cunning? Does our consciousness separate us from the animals? Is it our soul? Does our soul or consciousness reside apart from our physical mind? Our consciousness is an amorphous shell that is created from the inter-working of our brains chemicals, synapses and neurons. It ceases to have meaning when our brain ceases to have life. So, where is the soul? But I have thoroughly digressed, this was to be an essay on perfection; but sometimes the minds ability to think, question and understand gets in the way. I thought I had a concept of perfection until I started to type. I think I may still do, but it has more to do with taking consciousness out of the equation by a conscious effort to negate ourselves. At least the selves we have created as a shield to help us grind through daily life. But it is our consciousness that helps to shape and define our unconsciousness. Without the ability, responsibility or fortitude to shape our unconscious thought we can never call our unconsciousness perfection; random would be a better word. But this conjures up thousands of more thoughts and I am out of time. Thoughts such as, consciousness vs. the soul and using consciousness as a tool to free our subconscious (soul?) to interact perfectly with the world. But isn’t subconsciousness also a creation of our physical mind? Or is it a connecting point? And then, with what?

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Karen said...

Genius comes from those who allow their thought processes in their brains to flow as they come. The randomness of thought allows the exploration of new concepts. Perhaps it is the stuff that geniuses are made of?