Monday, October 30, 2006




I am amazing! I am what I AM!

I hope you ARE!

I am not a great many things. But what I am, I AM.

I am not trying to be anything; that means I am not.
I hope to be many things, but I am not those, yet. When I am ready, I will.
I am what I am; right now!

When I decide to change what I AM today, I WILL.
It will have already happened. The past!
No fears, no doubts. History.

This is now.

When I decide to BE, I WILL!

Then I AM!

Do not try. Have faith. BE!

Take stock. Re-assess. Do!

Remove the useless.

Cherish the valuable.

Obtain the necessary. Then you ARE!

Simplicity, not simple. Effort; introspection, soul searching, prayer, meditation, patience, time, agony!


No sleep; little rest. Change the world until you see your soul!

I am.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What am i?

I am a Motivational Speaker; Inspiration Consulting is my business. Perspective re-alignments; scattered, smothered & covered with humor.

No stone left unturned.
Windmills tilted.
Dragons battled.
Kings clothed.
Left is right; up is down.
The only surety is the the uncertainty principle.

The game is afoot.

Right now the only ones that can hear it are the other voices in my head; my stream of unconsciousness. Quite an audience; very opinionated. I am learning alot.

As of 11/06 my introverted pastimes will become part of the global extra-net. Be afraid; everything you thought you knew is starting to un-ravel.

E-Ticket, baby!
You must be this berserk to ride this ride!

C U N A whole, new light!

Shock and Awwwwww

I have come to accept the fact that my personality, as defined by the military, is “Shock and Awe”. I realize not everyone is the same; I am the exception that proves the rule. I have come to this point by “hook or crook”; not down a purposeful pathway. Yet I have learned a couple of things.

All of our learning’s and interactions over the course of a lifetime should be an abrasion of course personalities. Honing each of us into polished gems of existence.

But first our core personality must be made of solid rock; able to withstand abuse, erosion, chipping and wear. We must be able to turn inside ourselves for our solace and foundation. And what we, as individuals, can not endure can be conquered when we all come together to form a dam of resistance and change.
However, a lot of people are not afforded a solid “personality of being”; or they have it torn away at an early age; never to see it again. We are born existential creatures. From an early age our self knowledge is very incomplete; as we grow we build shells, and covers and blankets and hidey-holes. Once cognizant, our goal is to whittle away the veneers revealing the gem in all of its facets.

But what if we could skip the “battle preparation” stages when we erect the walls and the DMZ’s and the blockades and the moats? What if all of our interactions were loving and caring and nurturing and pruning and growing?

What would be the possibilities?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Their is no spoon

Sports people are goin in the right direction; but “be the ball” suggest something you are trying to do. Trying is a continuous process. It is a path one follows; wandering. “I am the ball” is conviction; faith. It is not a process or a path; you are. Until we understand through conviction or faith that we are something, we will always be in a process of wanting to become.

With faith we are able to take an honest look ourselves. We can then understand our strengths and weaknesses and take stock of what we lack. Then we are driven to turn weaknesses into strengths and fill the gaps with skills that we need. Faith is a mania; there is no room for failure.

Through faith we are what we believe ourselves to be. I am the ball. There is no spoon.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wise Man

No one has ever confused me with a wise man. Well that’s not entirely true. When I was a Southern Baptist Preacher people always got confused. That’s a good thing. Every good Preacher wants to cause a little confusion and consternation. If no one’s confused, then no one’s listening. But they’ll keep coming back; the fear of hell is a wonderful way to fill the pews.

But it scared me to realize people accepted whatever I said as the “word of God”. I am not God and am not delusional enough to think so (with all apologies to Jim Carey & George Burns). People would come up to me after a service and tell me they didn’t know that was what the Bible meant. I told them that’s how I see it based on where I am in my spiritual growth. You need to go home and think about it and decide if it was right for you. They always had the funniest expressions on their faces. There’s that darn confusion again. I felt that they came to church to be told how it is; not to think about it. What good is church if you have to think? Isn’t it outlawed in many congregations?

As a ministerial student I met with my counselor (who just happened to be the Chaplain for the college) to discuss some concerns. How I was supposed to preach the truth to a congregation when I wasn’t sure what it was myself. He told me that we were on one big happy journey seeking God; that I had to share new truths with my flock that jived with what they were able to understand. This would keep from shaking them off their spiritual foundation. But that I should sprinkle in a few new ideas to help them grow; and would only make them a little wobbly.

I told him I understood but had one burning question; what if I was wrong? What if when I stood before the Pearly Gates Saint Peter told me that not only was I going to Hell but I was taking about 150 people with me (I like having company)?

I must’ve confused him because he had the same funny expression on his face as my congregations. I appreciated him telling me he didn’t have a good answer for that one; that thought hadn’t crossed his mind. He tried to console me with we are all responsible for our own salvation and make decisions on what to believe. I thought that was a lot like saying it was OK for me to feed them poison but it was their choice to die.
This was the first time I put serious thought into the fact that I might be in the wrong profession.