Thursday, October 26, 2006

What am i?

I am a Motivational Speaker; Inspiration Consulting is my business. Perspective re-alignments; scattered, smothered & covered with humor.

No stone left unturned.
Windmills tilted.
Dragons battled.
Kings clothed.
Left is right; up is down.
The only surety is the the uncertainty principle.

The game is afoot.

Right now the only ones that can hear it are the other voices in my head; my stream of unconsciousness. Quite an audience; very opinionated. I am learning alot.

As of 11/06 my introverted pastimes will become part of the global extra-net. Be afraid; everything you thought you knew is starting to un-ravel.

E-Ticket, baby!
You must be this berserk to ride this ride!

C U N A whole, new light!

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