Monday, October 30, 2006




I am amazing! I am what I AM!

I hope you ARE!

I am not a great many things. But what I am, I AM.

I am not trying to be anything; that means I am not.
I hope to be many things, but I am not those, yet. When I am ready, I will.
I am what I am; right now!

When I decide to change what I AM today, I WILL.
It will have already happened. The past!
No fears, no doubts. History.

This is now.

When I decide to BE, I WILL!

Then I AM!

Do not try. Have faith. BE!

Take stock. Re-assess. Do!

Remove the useless.

Cherish the valuable.

Obtain the necessary. Then you ARE!

Simplicity, not simple. Effort; introspection, soul searching, prayer, meditation, patience, time, agony!


No sleep; little rest. Change the world until you see your soul!

I am.

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