Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The Illusion is what I deal with every day. I can't delineate between conscious and subconscious mind/thinking. Which is why I think consciousness is illusory. When we are most in the Zone/Flow or Stream (what I call it) we are thinking and reacting without any need or impedance of conscious thought. It appears to me that conscious thought is only necessary to shape the perspective, or collective information storehouse, of the subconsciousness. Which means what we call consciousness is merely an evolutionary trait that has proven effective at honing the capability of the subconscious mind. Because our mind functions best when consciousness isn't engaged. Conscious vs. subconscious is a man made delusion. And the terms themselves, as we have been using them, are meaningless since both are just 2 inseparable parts of a whole.

It would be interesting to see (a thousand years down the road?) how much more this evolutionary trait has adapted and what benefits can be gained. Just like in technology, which has created things we could not, or just barely, dream of a hundred years ago. What will our minds be capable of? Or is there more capability to be had? Are our minds much different from our ancestors of 2500 years ago? Or have we just learn more tricks?

The Tao is still around and hard to argued with, even to this day.

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