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Mission Statement:

To create an atmosphere that allows the willing to examine the nature of their being and to form a stronger foundation on which they stand.


I enlighten and entertain, through a unique perception of reality, in such a way that allows the willing to expand the boundaries of their conscious thought.


There is no meaning outside of what we seek and what we expect to find.

Motto Ancillary:

When you look for something, the most important thing is know how to find it!


I am.

Tag Line:

I mean your planet no harm.

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About the Author and why he rants and raves so much:

I have come to accept the fact that my personality, as defined by the military, is “Shock and Awe”. Some of us simply have the gift.

I feel that all of our learning’s and interactions over the course of a lifetime should be an abrasion of course personalities. Honing each of us into polished gems of existence.

But first our core personality must be made of solid rock; able to withstand abuse, erosion, chipping and wear. We must be able to turn inside ourselves for our solace and foundation. And what we, as individuals, can not endure can be conquered when we all come together to form a dam of resistance and change.

However, a lot of people are not afforded a solid “personality of being”; or they have it torn away at an early age; never to see it again.

We are born existential creatures. From an early age our self knowledge is very incomplete; as we grow we build shells, and covers and blankets and hidey-holes. Once cognizant, our goal is to whittle away the veneers revealing the gem in all of its facets.

But what if we could skip the “battle preparation” stages when we erect the walls and the DMZ’s and the blockades and the moats? What if all of our interactions were loving and caring and nurturing and pruning and growing?

What would be the possibilities?

Vague expressions of optimism:

We are at a point in history where everything is affordable and accessible via software and the Internet. There is no excuse for not producing. Our only roadblock is ourselves.

We do not appreciate what we are born with. Few can comprehend the magnitude of what we take for granted. What are we instilling in our children? We must lead them and help them understand.


I see this as Religious Liquor (Moonshine). I have distilled out the unnecessary and left the essence of the truths (spirit) that all great religions are trying to teach us. Spirituality becomes a necessity only in the eye of the beholder. Those with no craving for the overwhelming power of an all encompassing spirit may practice these routines like yoga.

No Sense of Self

What do I mean when I say that I have no sense of self?

Everything is an unconscious reaction; just like a finely tuned, well honed athlete. There is no conscious thought or effort involved.

All conscious thoughts that are worthy of acceptance are already assimilated into the unconscious.

There are no fears, doubts, judgments, biases, agenda’s, or anticipatory thoughts.

Our consciousness is able to take a “back seat” to unconscious thought. Our consciousness can then apply our conscious knowledge onto the core essence of our unconscious “purity of thought” to form a meaningful phrase, thought, re-action or interchange with a 3rd party.
Our unconsciousness holds the purity of our inner being. It is up to our consciousness to mold our unconsciousness into a positive essence.

It is the sole job of our consciousness to fine tune and mold the accumulation of our unconscious knowledge. It always looks inward and works on the unconsciousness just like a gifted mechanic fine tunes the running of an engine. It is the job of the unconscious to directly interact with our outward environment.

We mold the unconsciousness through prayer, meditation, self-talk and focused introspection.
Once our unconsciousness is purified we can freely allow the vocalizations of our core being to speak through the accumulation of conscious thoughts so that we may have as “pure as possible” an interchange with another human, as close to “soul to soul” interaction as can be possible within human existence.

Once we lose our sense of self, our soul is able to freely interact with the world around us without fear, guilt or hesitation.

At this point we will be able to make unconscious decisions, such as trusting our gut instinct; and we won’t have to be conscious of the reason why.

Then there is no “Hindsight” or self doubt. Mistakes can and will be made, but only from the purest of motives. We then assimilate what we have learned into our unconsciousness and begin the process anew.

Our soul is ever growing and evolving.

But Captain; how do I make it so?

Focus daily on the things that will build us into better individuals. This is a basic re-hash of everything that you have ever heard from “The Power of Positive Thinking”.

Meditate and introspect (meaning, search deep within yourself) on a daily basis to verify positive aspects that need to be kept and negative aspects that need to be eliminated.

Pray continuously. Whether to God, a supreme being or out loud in your head. In this way you can be your own best friend. Your own shoulder for you to cry on, laugh with and turn to for guidance. Just hearing the words aloud (even in your head) gives you the time and the “where with all” to examine afresh what you are thinking. Listening to yourself thinking aloud can trigger new thoughts and responses. And say them out loud, if at all possible; using the auditory system lends an air of “someone else talking” that you can’t get inside your head.

Surround yourself with positive, creative, spontaneous, thought provoking, world shattering, dynamic individuals. Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your mind is to shock it out of complacency.

Be open. To new thoughts, ideas, situations, whatever. Keep a childlike perspective on daily living. Sometimes you should turn over the rock; just to see what is underneath.

Study, learn, think, debate, critique, evaluate, rate, accept nothing at face value, deny nothing due to your own ignorance, prune whatever is unnecessary, cultivate what needs maturing and assimilate that which helps you grow.

Daily Thought to Live by:

You can never take “What you do” too seriously. However, the easiest trap to fall into is taking yourself seriously, at all.

Perfection: By beginning you have already arrived.

We are not on a path to perfection. We are perfect. Accept it and let’s move on.
Perfection is not an “end game”, it is how we chose to play.

We are not perfection “wan’na be’s” waiting for death or heaven or whatever to make it so.

We are there now; perfect in the moment. We are simply dealing with some issues, cleaning out some mental closets, throwing away the mental trash. Perfection doesn’t mean obtaining god like powers of perception. It is a continuous process; we sharpen the blade a little keener, clean out a few more of the cobwebs; there will always be the trash.

But we do all of this from a state of perfection; that continuous process to remove the clutter. But perfection it is (or at least the best that can be attained in our existence). There is no ideal perfection existing from which all other existence derives. Unless you believe in God (and be careful, even that needs discussion).

This is our deepest longing to interact with others at the purest level possible; to freely and totally communicate our essence. It is our willingness to do so that makes us perfect.


There is nothing new here that any good religion can’t teach you. You will find most of these principles sprinkled through out every major religion.

I have merely removed the spiritual tenets that are particular to each religion.

I have formulated a basic matrix or methodology of activities that are “key” across belief systems.

Basically I have removed the “why” and left the “how”.

What good is any of this without a supreme being? Basically that it still works anyway! Again, I am focused on the how. You can have a god if you want one; but the system was designed to run smoothly without a rudder (or with only You having your hand on the till).

If you practice on a daily basis; you will get results. You will achieve your goals. You will have inner growth.

In the end there is every possibility that you will be driven to re-examine (or examine for the first time) your spirituality. That is a personal choice.

However, the mechanism is in place; the machine is running. I offer only the crudest of maps.
Here be dragons.


There will never be an epilogue. I will never sit in Rivendell and re-live my days while writing “There and back again”. It is a journey and one day it will end. Hopefully I will have spread enough seeds of meaning that the work will continue. Don’t stop now, there is another page.

Don’t stop now, there is another page.



I am amazing! I am what I AM!

I hope you ARE!

I am not a great many things. But what I am, I AM.
I am not trying to be anything; that means I am not.
I hope to be many things, but I am not those, yet. When I am ready, I will.
I am what I am; right now!

When I decide to change what I AM today, I WILL.
It will have already happened. The past!
No fears, no doubts. History.

This is now.

When I decide to BE, I WILL!

Then I AM! Again; or still.

Do not try. Have faith. BE!

Take stock. Re-assess. Do!

Remove the useless.

Cherish the valuable.

Obtain the necessary. But the whole time, you ARE!

Simplicity, not simple. Effort; introspection, soul searching, prayer, meditation, patience, time, agony!


No sleep; little rest. Change the world until it is a reflection of the image of your soul!

I am.

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