Sunday, January 04, 2009

Faith and Belief

A Good Friend once told me "Optimism is never empty,..It is always loaded with hopes and possibilities, and when there are possibilities,everything is possible....Have Faith in God and in yourself...and everything will be fine". I tend to disagree, and here is why......

I have seen empty optimism and it is worse than pointless in that it can be destructive. Hopes and possibilities are intangibles, just like wishes and dreams; and they too can be destructive if that is all we have. And I think that it is BELIEF in God, not Faith. Faith is something he expects us to have and it is an Action Verb; it is something we DO! I will argue this point with anyone. If we have faith, then we have committment and a vision and nothing will stand in our way. It may be your Belief in God that gives you the Faith but you are the instrument of Faith! Faith is not believing that God will smite your enemies. Faith is smiting your enemies because of your belief.

Too many people say they have faith and then they sit on their thumbs waiting on God to deliver. We shouldn't get lost in our dreams, we have to wake up and live in our Faith. And Faith and Belief are two separate things and we should never confuse the two.

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