Friday, March 27, 2009

An Infinite Foam of Parallel Universes

So, every quantum event generates a new parallel universe (PU) based upon the number of possible quantum states that are capable of having probable outcomes; and a new PU is generated for each possible outcome within each probability distribution. Examples are, orientation, spin and angular momentum. Therefore an infinite number of new parallel universes are generated at every instant of every moment.

So, do we pre-suppose that we are on the ultimate quantum ride and that the new PU’s are generated according to our arrow of time based upon the happenstance of our existence within the framework of the totality of all possible, infinite PU’s (IPU) or multiverse (MV)? Or, should we suppose that the IPU or MV already exists and our perception of reality is based upon a random happenstance of our cognition of our existence w/in an arbitrary point of time w/in a particular PU somewhere in the matrix of the IPU/MV?

Is all of existence already defined within an infinite matrix of quantum probabilities and their connectivity to the infinite number of new PU’s generated at each quantum moment? So that every quantum probability is already defined w/in this matrix from the creation of all existence to the final annihilation? Which begs the conclusion that all of existence is already defined and ergo all existence is predetermined? There are no conscious decisions being made, there are only predefined paths within an already existing matrix of quantum possibilities and our current state has been defined by events on the quantum level and we only have the appearance of determined thought. If there already exists all that is possible w/in an IPU/MV then the appearance of conscious thought is only the culmination of infinite quantum probabilities and the appearance of choice when compared to another PU spawned earlier in the matrix (based on the apparent arrow of our time) and the possible outcomes that can be derived along another of an infinite number of paths that our parallel selves (P/Egos) could have followed.

And does there exist anything outside of our IPU/MV which can decode the matrix of the totality of our existence (TOE). Would we call this god?

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